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Watching Assets. Monitoring Progress.

Watch property, equipment and work progress whenever and from wherever you are with the solar-supported Pro View Remote Surveillance Unit. Other options available.

Pro View offers an outstanding line of short-term lease video documentation services from solar supported, when no electrical power is available, to robust units that offer 360 views.

They include our Remote Surveillance Unit, Mobile Surveillance Unit and Portable Surveillance Unit.

All Units Feature:
∙∙ Two to Eight cameras depending on need.
∙∙ On-board video storage capacity of typically 30 – 45 days.
∙∙ Solid State processing and storage
∙∙ Onboard battery charger when 110v utility power available.
∙∙ 3G I 4G primary remote connectivity (Other connectivity options available).
∙∙ Integrated Wi-Fi access point for easy access when limited connectivity exists.
∙∙ Operational status monitored 24/7
∙∙ 24/7 Live Agent Monitoring Available