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Farm and Ranch

Whether you’re foaling mares or calving cows, Pro View Digital Surveillance can provide you with the eyes you need in the pasture or the barn.

With our fixed system, HD quality cameras can be strategically installed so you can watch your valuable livestock while they are giving birth and when they are sick or injured, day or night. Furthermore, Pro View can provide you with gate access control and cameras, so you can rest assured that only those who should be on your property have access!

Short Terms Needs

For a temporary solution during calving or foaling in a pasture, our portable cameras can give you a wide view of your herds and pasture areas so you can catch anything amiss, including predators who may be stalking your young ones at night!

Our Sure View system is also perfect for when you need to watch at home and away.

Image result for champions ranchers constructionPro View is also happy to recommend the services of Champions Ranchers Construction. Champion Ranchers Construction has been offering expertise to ranchers and farmers throughout Hempstead, TX; College Station, TX; Katy, TX; and beyond for many years. Their multi-talented team can add a new feature to your ranch or have a custom fence built to keep in your livestock.

Actual Sure View camera image.

Watch this video Pro View captured from nearly a half mile away!