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Standing or Stacked: We Have Your Back   

No matter how you stack it, you can avoid exposing your valuable equipment to theft and vandalism with Pro Vision Global Digital Surveillance.

From remote surveillance units (RSU) to mobile surveillance units (MSU), Pro Vision Global Digital Surveillance provides you with cost-effective answers to your security questions.

Remote units can be deployed almost anywhere and are operational within 30 minutes of arrival. With this system, you will have the ability to monitor your equipment from a smart phone, tablet or laptop 24/7 in high definition color during the day and infrared at night.
• HD PTZ Digital Cameras
• Live Streaming HD Video
• 22x Optical Zoom for Distance Coverage (3/4 miles)
• Completely Energy Independent
• Thermal Imaging Capability
• On Board Secure Recording with Cloud Archive Capability
• Rapid Deployment
• Remotely Monitored Operational Status
• Controlled with Virtually any Mobile Device

Live Agent Monitoring

Live Agent Monitoring is also available 24/7 to help you cut personnel costs and keep an eye on equipment vulnerable to theft, sabotage or vandalism.