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Electronic Access Control

Pro View also offers Electronic Access Control Systems to complement your broader security plan.

These systems are frequently referred to as “card key access systems,” that open and close locks based on user credentials provided to the system. Credentials can be supplied via card key, radio frequency identification (RFID), key fob (RFID), biometric input, such as a retinal scanner or fingerprint, or a simple numeric keypad.

The most common applications for Electronic Access Control are entry doors and gates. However, these systems can also be used to activate fuel pumps, compressors, lights, water wells, etc. Anything that is electronic can be interfaced with an electronic
access control system. Beyond the greatest benefit of these systems, allowing or denying access based on credentials, is the fact that the systems log all access attempts, both successful and unsuccessful.

Using leading brands like MonitorCast, Paxton and Mercury for its software and hardware systems, Pro View can ensure its clients are receiving the quality they need
for every dollar they invest.

These systems provide clients with intuitive door management and access levels that allow users to maintain access and schedules to single or multiple locations from a consolidated system. Clients can request remote access as well as alarm notification from almost any location in keeping with our promise that this is SECURITY YOU CONTROL.

Here’s why:
• Reliable, high quality systems: We are confident of our quality and back our components with a 3-year hardware warranty and 1-year labor warranty.
• Systems that are incredibly easy to use: Minimal training required for administrators.
• Systems that are designed to grow with your needs.