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Intrusion Alarm Systems

Pro View provides intrusion alarm systems, commonly referred to as burglar alarm systems. These can be both wired and wireless and include door sensors, motion sensors, heat detectors, fire detectors, tilt detectors, along with many other types of sensors.

An intrusion alarm system will detect unauthorized access and sound an alarm, frightening the intruder, as well as ultimately notifying you of the unauthorized access. Physical security (locked doors, gates, etc.) combined with multiple forms of electronic security, can create a “net” that decreases the probability of losses suffered by unauthorized intrusion…thereby helping you protect what is important to you.

Pro View employs leading brands when providing alarm systems services, including Napco, 2GIG, and Qolsys. With our systems, users can employ remote control via web browser or smartphone app from anywhere. This remote control gives customers total control of their alarm system. This creates peace of mind by providing knowledge of events, such as knowing a child returned home safely from school, or the time that employees arrived to open a business.

Plus, stay ahead of thieves who work to disarm your system by choosing solutions that include advanced hardware and leading interactive software services that include such options as glass break detection, remote disarm, the ability to send disarm photos to the
smartphone and Cloud, and more.