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Fixed Camera Products

Actual fixed camera image installed and serviced by Pro View.






Pro View’s installation experts are trained on and stay familiar with all of the camera brands Pro View utilizes.

Among them are Advidia, IP Power and Unix CCTV; brands on the forefront of technology ensuring the your designed solution will last.

With most installations, a dome or bullet camera is utilized which is both unobtrusive and effective. A high definition (HD) dome with built-in IR (infrared) is a great camera for common areas, classrooms, and hallways and can provide HD images in almost any environment, plus they are vandal proof! Alarms will trigger if there is motion detection, tampering, a network disconnection or other issues.

With our bullet cameras, you’ll find the perfect camera for outdoor locations such as parking areas and event grounds. These cameras can include such options as remote focus and motorized lenses, and are great for outdoor and low-light applications.

Available options include de-focus detection, smart face detection, audio exception detection and intrusion detection.

Our cameras are also supported by outstanding recording equipment to provide the documentation you need. Our DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) provide a video compression standard that offers significantly greater compression.

Central Monitoring Software will also allow you to watch multiple locations on one screen and manage the video, audio, playback, alarm, PTZ (point, tilt, zoom)  control, and much more!