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Live Agent Monitoring

Don’t simply record what happened, INTERVENE while it’s happening!

Using Advanced Video Analytics our agents detect potentially unauthorized activity and provide notifications based on a response plan to meet your needs.

Our agents perform periodic ‘virtual patrols’ even when no activity has been detected. This creates familiarity with your location and increases the likelihood we will notice if something is out of place or suspicious.

Our monitoring center is staffed 24-7.

Proactive monitoring enables rapid notification of your staff or local authorities during an event. Our portable units are equipped with red and blue strobe lights, as well as audio systems that allow our agents to speak to a potential intruder, placing us in a better position to potentially PREVENT crime.


Live agent monitoring leverages video systems to create a PROACTIVE solution that increases the probability of PREVENTING and DETERRING crime. Traditional record only
solutions are almost entirely REACTIVE in that they often only document what happened AFTER the fact.

When paired with an electronic intrusion alarm, our agents can perform alarm video verification. Many cities are now requiring video verification prior to dispatching officers to an alarm call. Furthermore, our agents can grant or deny entry through doors or gates when access control systems are paired with video. This can save thousands of dollars per year
for on-site guards, especially during light traffic times.

Monitoring is available for both temporary / portable video systems and permanent / fixed video systems.