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Portable Surveillance Unit

A semi-permanent video documentation platform built to provide video coverage in areas that require longer range from a higher elevation.

PSUPSU 1This unit features cameras mounted at heights far in excess of other portable products. It is ideal for situations where an elevated viewpoint is required. The most common use of these units is on oil & gas production locations and urban areas where elevation is required for greater visual range.


  • 3 2MP infrared-illuminated PTZ cameras (expandable to 8 cameras)
  • Solid State processing and storage
  • 3G / 4G remote connectivity (other connectivity options available
  • Powder-coat or galvanized finishes available
  • Onboard battery backup for required 110VAC power
  • Rugged and secure construction
  • Operational status monitored 24/7
  • On-board storage capacity of typically 30 – 45 days


  • Monitoring and documenting:
  • Oil & Gas production locations
  • Crowds (concerts, festivals, special events)
  • Construction projects and temporary equipment yards
  • Urban parks, plazas, parking lots

Different Because . . .

  • Up to 8 Cameras total
  • Cameras at approximately  15’ high and at approximately 29’ high
  • Wind load stable up to 99 mph without anchors (PE Certified)
  • Integrated Wi-Fi hotspot for local access even when remote connectivity not available
  • Purchase or lease options available
  • Low Daily rate – compared to boots-on-the-ground
  • Can be installed quickly and easily on both new and existing locations.
  • Extreme weather tolerance (-40F to 130F)
  • Live 24-hour remote monitoring available.


    • Documents Trespassing, Vandalism, Theft
    • Helps document and deter accidents, careless or negligent behavior, risk of lawsuits, potential fines
    • Document who is coming and going from your locations and what they did while there.
    • Tool to assist monitoring contractors and hours billed for services reportedly provided.