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Sure View Portable Surveillance

A highly portable platform designed to provide video documentation in areas where fixed and permanent cameras are not feasible or appropriate. This is a complete commercial video system, similar to what one would find in a business.


Market-10 shortA portable video documentation system consisting of a travel case containing recording and communications equipment and 6 cameras. The cameras can be placed at various locations with a high degree of placement flexibility and communicate wirelessly with the server in the case to provide a complete self-contained system. Users can set it up in a matter of minutes!


  • Weather resistant rolling travel case houses everything needed in a single package
  • 6 High-Definition infrared-illuminated all-weather camera units
  • Onboard battery backup for required 110VAC power
  • Rugged and secure construction
  • On-board storage capacity of typically 15 – 30 days
  • 3G / 4G remote connectivity (other connectivity options available)


Monitoring and documenting:

  • Livestock, horses, or other animals in stall environments
  • Construction projects and temporary equipment yards
  • Oil and gas activity where temporary video is needed (water transfer, fracking, equipment storage)
  • Law enforcement (video surveillance, training documentation, civil disorder)


  • Completely self-contained video documentation system.
  • Highly portable – packs into a single case.
  • Remote access to both live and recorded video via PC App, IOS or Android App, or web browser.
  • Integrated Wi-Fi access point for local access even when remote connectivity not available.
  • Magnetic mounting bases and adapters offer a variety of mounting options.
  • All cameras record to the central unit.
  • Durable construction for deployment in dirty environments.
  • Can be setup or taken down in 10 minutes, making it practical even for overnight use .



  • Document acts of Trespassing, Vandalism, Tampering, and Theft.
  • Check on your animals or possessions, even while travelling.
  • Cameras can be deployed in an office, in a stall or barn, or even outdoors.