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In the United States, a property crime occurs every 3.5 seconds and a burglary every 1.5 seconds, with U.S. businesses losing $50,000,000,000 annually in employee theft.

Can you afford to go without video documentation or intrusion alarm services? The answer is no. Law enforcement is overburdened. Citizens are going to need to protect their property and assets themselves.

What We Do

Video documentation systems provided by Pro View Global Digital Surveillance are commercial-grade High-Definition systems. Based on multiple architectures to ensure a custom-tailored, your system is customized for your particular needs. Pro View provides video documentation systems, electronic access control systems and intrusion alarm systems. Its systems are categorized as Permanent or Fixed, Temporary or Portable, and Mobile.

Pro View Global Digital Surveillance solutions are wide-ranging. Let us show you the tools you need to provide a safer and more secure environment; wherever you are!

Installation and Deployment of Pro View Global Digital Surveillance is professional and easy. Our qualified staff takes care to leave each location in good condition and provide you with all you need to know to operate your system. Watch our video to learn more!


The Power of Partnership

A division of Gate Guard Services, Pro View has offered a wide range of services as an electronic security sales, service and leasing provider for more than 15 years.

Together, Gate Guard Services L.P. and Pro View Global Digital Surveillance form the most complete security and video documentation entity in the nation. From professional guards recruited through law enforcement and our nation’s military to video documentation and alarm systems designed and manufactured in the US, we take pride in developing and providing innovative solutions to help you manage and protect what is important to you.

No matter your needs, whether it’s commercial, farm or ranch, or home use, Pro View Global Digital Surveillance has a solution for you!